SWISS code - share with Edelweiss Air will commence direct nonstop flights from Sri Lanka to Switzerland with effect from Sunday the 4th November 2018. It will be a twice a week operation on Fridays & Sundays from Colombo to Zurich.

Swiss International Air Lines – the airline of Switzerland, and the leading leisure travel airline - sister company Edelweiss, are living up to these high standards and provide their customers full premium services and high quality products on and off ground. Together, SWISS and Edelweiss offer 1,805 weekly flights to 155 destinations in 56 countries around the globe.

SWISS’ premium products on the new C Series

Constantly optimizing, SWISS is currently going through the greatest fleet modernization of the company’s history. The investment in modern, efficient and innovative aircraft provides passengers comfort for an enjoyable journey. While offering high quality products on their long-haul flagship aircraft Boeing 777-300ER, of which SWISS invested in ten aircraft so far, the fleet of SWISS consists currently of 90 aircraft. Edelweiss provides ten aircraft to the network. SWISS is also the launching the newly developed C Series, redefining short-haul flights in Europe. These state-of-the-art aircraft focus on the passenger but also on the environment and are currently the most innovative aero planes on the market. The cabin interior features easy-to-store hand baggage compartments as well as large and closely-spaced windows that let in more daylight and give the cabin a very spacious feel.

SWISS Lounge experience

Passengers are pampered on every flight to any destination operated by SWISS and Edelweiss. But as a journey for passengers starts already before the initial take-off, SWISS implemented high quality products, comfort and efficacy also on ground. The award-winning lounges offer relaxation before and after a flight and provide customers highest quality services during the whole travel experience.The lounges, the on-ground services, the innovative and modern fleet and the overall network offering connectivity and flexibility throughout every journey are shining examples of the SWISSness that made this small, mountainous country in Europe to be respected and relied on beyond its borders.

SWISS and Edelweiss are part of the Lufthansa Group.

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