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Sri Lanka

Enter a magical land of endless beaches, aquamarine oceans, timeless ruins, warm and welcoming people, amazing wildlife, affordable travel options, quaint and antiquated trains, and of course the irresistible Sri Lankan cuisine.


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As Sri Lanka is a relatively small island, you can take in all the key attractions during a short stay. Visit the ancient ruined city of Anuradhpapura and watch hundreds of elephants gathering at dusk in Minneriya. Find your favourite beach for some yoga at sunrise, meditate in a 2,000-year-old temple and take your tastebuds on a spice adventure with Sri Lanka’s limitless range of curries. Sri Lanka is spectacular, affordable and still not overrun by tourists. There has been no time like the present when the Island has been perfect for a holiday trip.

You can also take a train into the cool mountains with their misty green valleys. Verdant tea plantations and rainforest slopes beckon to trekkers. A 1,000 kilometers of dazzlingly white and often untrodden beaches call out to you. Surf, snorkel and dive to your heart’s content along coral lined coastlines.

After over a decade of political and economic stability, and being a liberal, capitalist democracy, modern Sri Lanka is developing rapidly. Sri Lanka's history, culture and natural beauty offer an alluring alternative to other South East Asian destinations. Frequently voted best travel destination in the world, Sri Lanka should definitely be on your bucket list.

Few other places have as many Unesco World Heritage Sites (eight) in such a small area. Sri Lanka's 2,500 years of history is reflected in ancient sites, with intricately decorated temples and ruined citadels perched on breathtaking peaks. Remnants from the Colonial period of the Island’s history offer enchanting glimpses of European and Roman architecture. A biodiversity hotspot of the world, this is haven for elephants, leopards and many other exotic and endangered species. Safari tours of our national parks let the photographer in you to literally go wild; you can catch spotted deer, wild boar, water buffalo, crocodiles and plenty of birds and primates on a single trip.


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Historical Places








Bundala National Park
Bundala National Park

Birding in Sri Lanka, you can make your pennies count for the birds you count. Just a day’s drive is enough to take you through some of the world’s most spectacular bird habitats.

With the expert field guidance of Baurs beside you every step, you would be ticking off a list of over 250 birds, 33 of them you would not see anywhere else on earth! (Birds of South Asia. The Ripley Guide. Vols. 1 and 2 by Rasmussen, P.C and J.C Anderton) and 21 are races distinct to the Island.

Keep your fingers crossed! The new discovery, the Serendib Scops owl could be staring at you or down your telephoto! A Check List & Bird Locations of birds seen in Baurs Tours is available on our web site.